Prairie Skink Plestiodon septentrionalis

Description: The prairie skink is black with two distinct think light brown stripes on each side, and three wide stripes on the back for a total of seven stripes. The three stripes on the middle of the back are usually so wide, that the lizard appears to have a brown or tan back with two thin black stripes on it. The chin and neck of adult males turns bright orange or red during the breeding season. Young prairie skinks are similar in appearance as the adults, but have bright blue tails.

Similar Species: None.

Status: Level III - Species of Conservation Priority (learn more)

Comments: Restricted to eastern North Dakota.

Distribution Map
Distribution of the Prairie Skink (Plestiodon septentrionalis)

County level distribution of this species in North Dakota. Map generated from data collected from voucher specimens and photographic records.

Phenology of Prairie Skink (Plestiodon septentrionalis)